Adoption in China
By Peggy Gurrad
Jiangxi Province Family Directory

Information about the Jiangxi Province Family Directory
The main intent of this directory is to be able to find and keep in touch with families who've adopted from the same area as each other. A family or background of sorts for your daughter, which she may find more interesting as she gets older.

Another purpose would be the sharing of information. Sometimes it's possible to find others who've traveled to the orphanage and have photos or other info about it which they could share with those who weren't allowed to visit. This may not be possible for some of the smaller, more distant orphanages. But it might be possible for a traveling family to give the orphanage director a disposable camera along with postage and packaging and see if he/she will take photos and mail it back to you. This did work out for one woman, although this was a year or two ago. Even if they're not willing to photograph the orphanage they might be willing to take some pictures of the town and area.

It's also helpful/reassuring for families with referrals to talk with someone that's adopted from the same orphanage. And for the families that have already adopted, it's fun to be able to send a letter and photos with the family who will be traveling. They can then give them to the orphanage director so that they, and the other orphanage workers, can see how the kid's who've been adopted are doing.

Please include the following information. If you are uncomfortable including any of it then just skip that part. If you don't want your mailing address listed you might consider giving it to me to keep filed separately.  Then if I send out an e-mail update and find your e-mail address is no longer valid I can contact you by mail.

  1.   Child's Chinese Name
  2.   Child's Current Name
  3.   Birthdate
  4.   Adoption Date (in China)
  5.   Orphanage Name
  6.   City
  7.   Province
  8.   Parent's Names
  9.   E-mail address
  10.   Mailing Address
  11.   Phone (if desired)
  12.   Any additional info

So far I've been separating the families according to which orphanage the child is from. I will send out updates of the lists periodically, depending on how fast new families for that orphanage are being added. (None of this information will be posted at the websiteI only send the information to other families who are also listed.) If you haven't gotten one in a while and want an updated copy just e-mail me at and I'll be glad to send you one.