Adoption in China

A November 2000  return visit to the Jiujiang Orphanage

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Mr. Cao was in Beijing on business, so the Vice Director, Yu Lanping took care of our group, showed us the orphanage, and explained the daily schedule of our babies (eight adopted in all).

There were some of the kids up in walkers eating their lunch, nannies were feeding them. There were toys tied onto their cribs. The linens were brightly colored.  Our overall impression of the orphanage since our last trip (our older daughter is also from Jiujiang) is that there have been improvements made. There seemed to be more staff around. The staff all wore lab coats this time. The cribs are all new, no more pink/purple ones. There seem to be more children in the rooms - or maybe because they don't seem to be putting two to a crib anymore it just looks like more because of the increased number of cribs.  There were toys attached to the cribs, and hanging from the ceiling. The children were all bundled, and bundled and bundled till their arms stuck out at their sides.

We met the Dr. on staff - Dr.  Xiao - she gave us information about our daughter and emphasized how well she had done (Erika was 3 lbs at birth/day of arrival at Jiujiang and when adopted at age 9 months was 17 lbs.).  Our daughter was obviously well loved at Jiujiang.  She was not thrilled with my husband or I the first two days. Once we visited the orphanage she lit up. She reached out to every caregiver or familiar face there.  She smiled for all the staff.  She seemed truly happy to be back. The staff in turn took her, cuddled her, and got her a warm bottle.  It was apparent that they loved her.  It made me feel so wonderful.

We were given a tour of the baby rooms, then went to the board room (on the third floor) to do the paperwork.  Many kids were given warm (actually steaming hot) bottles.  We were told that this is their typical day:

0430 - bottle formula
0700 - up
0800 - breakfast - congi
1030 - noodles with meat soup, or soft rice/noodle soup
1100 to 1200 - nap
1430 - rice with soup, fruit then Bath
1600 - steamed egg
1830 - 1 to 2 bottles with sugar (About 4 bottles per day, room temp, or sometimes warm juice.)

They told us about there were about 100 children in the orphanage, newborn to 6 years old.  Those older than six are moved to another spot (?)  We were all told that all the kids had had a cough or a cold only.

We were given a lovely luncheon at the orphanage - we were treated very well.  It was emotional returning to the orphanage - kind of heartwarming though too.  We did see caregivers that we recognized from our first trip. They took our daughter and fed her elsewhere (everyone else kept their baby with them!)   Erika was very well loved.

When we gave them photos of our first daughter, the vice-director took them quickly, read the notes (translated) about each photo and seemed eager for information about the other kids from Jiujiang.  We took photos back from about six other families and letters from them.  She was very appreciative.


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