Adoption in China

Nanchang Social Welfare Institute 

2005-06 - As I was getting ready for my trip next week I was pulling some photos out and looking thru a bunch of them and I found these that are attached.  If you think any of them would be interesting to post to the website please do.  I really should have done this 3 1/2 years ago.  We moved to Texas from Illinois the same year we brought Tori home from Nanchang so it was quite a year. (VC)

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This is my family (we are Walter, Valerie, Hayley and Tori just adopted from Nanchang) and Tori's foster Father, mother, and little brother.  I am shaking hands with the overall Director (I know I have his name written down somewhere) and standing next to him is Chen Ling Ling.  Also our guide is standing at the end.  I am presenting him with a packet full of photos and letters from other families from the parents list that they sent to me to carry over.
This is me with my new little one, Tori, and behind me passing thru the gates of the orphanage are numerous foster mothers with their babies who came and went during the day for their regular visits with the babies they were fostering.
This is my Tori kissing her foster mother (made me cry again when I pulled this picture out) at our visit 3 days after we got her.  I will send the rest in another email so each is not too big.
This is my daughter Hayley from Pingxiang and Director Haung Wen Lan (previous) of Pingxiang at our chance meeting in 2001 when we were at the Gloria Hotel to get Tori from Nanchang SWI. Although neither could speak each other's language a very strong thread connects them.  As you can see they are both delighted. 
This is Me (Valerie) with my new Tori from Nanchang, with Hayley age 4 and Huang Wen Lan.  What a wonderful visit!

A comment about the last two photos, if you do put them on the site please make a notation of how wonderful the visit with her foster family was - totally worth being nervous and afraid, worth it for all of us.

I took donations (with the help of FCC-No. Texas and some of our travel families) of $850 for Pingxiang and $300 for Nanchang plus a bunch of yarn and I was thrilled to be able to take it in person.

We'd love to hear from other families with children from this orphanage. If you'd like to share any information, ask questions, or post photos please e-mail me at