Adoption in China

Amity Projects at the Nanchang Orphanage Include:


Sponsorship for 11 schoolchildren in kindergarten through senior middle school (high school) to attend school.

Sponsorship for three children to attend a school for the blind.

Sponsoring foster care for 59 children.

Sponsoring ten "Hugging Grannies" to spend time at the orphanage giving babies and children extra love and attention and helping to promote their physical, mental and emotional development.

Surgery for several children with cleft lips and/or palates.

Several other surgeries such as removal of tumors, hemangiomas, extra fingers and correction of other congenital defects.

And now we have two Nanchang children in need of open heart surgery!  Each of these surgeries will cost US$3886.  Please help with whatever amount you're able to.


You can send your tax deductible donation to help the Nanchang orphanage to:

           Altrusa Foundation
           Attention: Peggy Gurrad
           P.O. Box 1354
           Longview, WA  98632

Just include a note that the donation is to be used for heart surgeries at Nanchang or you can just specify "wherever most needed".  For more detailed information (and some photos) visit http://


Please e-mail me at if you have any questions.