Adoption in China
By Peggy Gurrad

Nanfeng Children

Travel Story from the Youngblood family

We (my mother, 4 1/2 year old daughter, Sierra, my wife and I) began our trip to China on Sept. 23, leaving from Orlando to Beijing.  We stayed there 3 days, seeing all the major sights before flying to Nanchang City to pick up Teagan (9.5 months old) the following morning.  There were 6 families in our group, with an additional group of 11 families who were adopting from another orphanage in the province.  When we were handed Teagan, it was very emotional.  She was pretty shook up to be handed off to another new face.  She was in foster care prior to the referral, and was very close to her foster mom.  She then was placed in the orphanage since the time of referral, so was probably thinking, "Oh great, here we go again!!"  It was clear from a health standpoint, that the girls were well cared for, as none of the children had lice, scabies, etc.  All were physically healthy. The girls eventually bonded to at least one parent by the end of the day.
Since the National Holiday was going on, we were able to experience China for 7 days above the typical stay.  At first you're thinking, "bummer, another 7 days of Chinese food, people staring, and watching where you step", but it turned out to be a great way to get to know a whole lot more about Teagan's country and it's people (which, by the way, were 99% of the time very polite and helpful).
On Oct. 8, we took the 3 hour bus ride to Nanfeng Social Welfare Institute.   We were met my Mr. Lu, the orphanage director, who took us to the second floor of the orphanage where the babies (0-1) were living.  We were also able to meet some of the nannies, and view some of the facilities (see pictures). The nannies were very tender and loving toward the children and each cared for 4 to 5 babies, even housing their beds in the same room with them.   From what we were shown, the care area for that age consists of a wooden floor open area for the walkers to scoot around, and off of that room were the sleeping quarters for the nannies and their children.  There was also a small formula preparation area off to the side.  Large windows allowed ample sunlight to enter the scooter area, and butterfly gardens adorned the courtyard outside.  To conclude our visit, Mr. Lu treated us to a TRULY Chinese dinner at a very posh restaurant.  Sierra's favorites were the shrimp that still had eyeballs attached.
The following day we left to Guangzhou to complete the adoption.  After constant shopping for 2 days, we flew on to Hong Kong (Oct. 13) in order to fly to Chicago and then to Orlando.
Since returning home, Teagan has perfected crawling, waving, clapping, and giving herself oatmeal facials.  Once in a while she also feels it's a must for beautiful, shiny hair; so much for Pantene. She cruises the furniture, and stands alone for, well... until she feels like sitting down. She is alert, happy, and seems (by all the charts) to be right on track with physical and emotional gains.  All of her medical tests from her pediatrician here came back just fine. She is just starting to babble, and has bonded to everyone in the immediate family.  She doesn't like to visit the arms of others just yet, except a few close neighbors who she sees on a regular basis.


Pictures from Nanfeng
(Click image for larger view)

Outskirts of Nanfeng
Nanfeng is known for its tangerines
The farm immediately behind the orphanage (SWI)
Mr. Lu and our tour guide (Michael)
Play area and courtyard
Gate of orphanage (baby on second floor of building behind it
Ball pit at base of stairs to second floor
Nannies and babies
More nannies and babies
Nannies kitchen
Butterfly garden
Civil Affairs gate

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