Adoption in China

A former resident of Ningdu shares some information.


I am a Ph.D. student of Astrophysics here in the U.S.  One of my friends forwarded your e-mail to me. It is my pleasure to help you as best as I can.  I will try to let you know more about my hometown, Ningdu. Unfortunately, there is little information on the web. So I guess it is really hard for people outside to know what Ningdu is like. Well, Ningdu is a little but beautiful county, with some small towns surrounding it. The population is about 100,000. In the center of the city (here, the center means the most populated area, also the center of the education and economy), similar like the downtown of a big city, 20-minute walking is enough to visit from the North to the South, and another 20-minute walking from the East to the West. I guess the Orphanage is on the skirt of the city, within one or two miles. I haven't been to there before. There is a small river in the east side of the city, named Mei Jiang, flowing from the North to the South. But around the city, within five miles, there are beautiful mountains, some of them are resorts of travelling. The weather there is not always pleasing. It has distinct four seasons. In winter, it is cold because of the high humidity, although it is seldom below zero Celsius. In spring, raining is often during March and April. In summer, specially from July to September, it is hot. And autumn again is a raining season, although less compared to Spring. In general, there are no air conditioners inside. So, people will use coal stove for heating during winter but cannot do anything but using fans during hot summer. As for the transportation, it is better than before now. With the recent constructed Chang-Xia Highway, it only takes four hours by taking bus from Nanchang (the main city in Jiangxi province, same as Chicago in Illinois) to Ningdu.

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