Adoption in China

Amity Hugging Grannies at Ruijin


In October 2000 we began sponsoring two Hugging Grannies at Ruijin through Amity.  Amity "Grandmas" are retired women (usually teachers, doctors and nurses) who go to the orphanage several days a week and provide some extra love and caring by holding and feeding the babies, and playing with the toddlers. They also help the orphanage staff by introducing and changing concepts about how to work for better child development. The amount needed to support a Grandma varies between orphanages, partly depending on whether they are strictly volunteers or whether they are given some pay for their work. The volunteers are given a stipend for travel expenses and meals. The cost for each Grandma at Ruijin is US$544 a year.  Please help support this wonderful program, it can make such a difference for those children remaining in the orphanages.

You can send your tax deductible donation to help support the Ruijin Hugging Grannies to:

           Altrusa Foundation
           Attention: Peggy Gurrad
           P.O. Box 1354
           Longview, WA  98632

Just include a note that the donation is for the Ruijin Hugging Grannies.  For more detailed information visit


Please e-mail me at if you have any questions.