Adoption in China
By Peggy Gurrad

Sara - Chen Nanfang

We received our referral on January 29, 1996 for our daughter Sara, then named Chen Nanfeng,referral picturewith a birthdate of July 8, 1995. The accompanying medical report was from an exam done September 20, 1995. At that time she was 7.7 pounds and the medical conditions listed were malnutrition and bronchitis. We also have an older daughter, Megan (had turned three on January 7) so had to be willing to accept a special needs baby. There was the usual small picture included (right), presumably taken about the same time.

Handoff We were fortunate to receive a travel date in March. I travelled with my mom while my husband stayed home with Megan. We arrived in Nanchang Sunday evening, March 17. Sara was the only baby coming from her orphanage,which was there in the city. Since the other children were a few to several hours away they were all being brought to the hotel the next day. Sara arrived first and came just after breakfast. She was a little thin but otherwise in good health, weighing about 14 pounds. She was happy and easy-going (slept 10-11 hours straight through each night in China) and charmed my mom and I in a very short time! Paper Signing The adoption papers were signed on Tuesday, March 19, which was my birthday.

Sara continues to do well. Her motor skills caught up after about three months and she's now where she's expected to be developmentally. Sara & MeganInitially her height and weight were below the (American) growth chart but at her two and four month doctor's visits she was 5% for height and 10% for weight both times. She is very well attached (and so are we!). She went through a stranger anxiety phase and only wanted to be around us but that seems to have passed and she's now well on her way to charming others outside the family. We feel very fortunate to have been allowed to adopt her and she is a great kid!


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