Adoption in China

My wife and I adopted Chloe Quanying from Xinfeng SWI on 7/25/04.  We stayed at the Lakeview Motel in Nanchang for 6 days and then traveled to Guangzhou (White Swan Hotel).

There were 4 other families in our group.  All of the children were healthy, but they did have heat rash.  One of the babies had some sores on her legs that cleared up quickly.  The orphanage is a 4 hour one way train ride from Nanchang.

I don't know of anyone who has visited the orphanage.  One of the group members sent a disposable camera to the orphanage and the director took pictures of the orphanage and surrounding area.  I have attached several of these pictures.

Most of the children from the orphanage are named Xing Fu ..., Chloe was transferred to Xinfeng from Quannan County SWI, thus the name Xing Quan Ying.

(click image for larger picture)

Exterior of Xinfeng SWI

Park in Xinfeng

Orange monument

Orphanage staff and children

Please e-mail me at if you have any additional information or if your child is from here and you would like to post a picture or other information here.