Adoption in China

A Visit to the Yiyang Orphanage

Jiangxi Province

December 1999


The road to YiYang was small and full of potholes. It took four hours from Nanchang.  The building was built as an orphanage and is U shaped. One wing is dorms, one community rooms and the third side is for indigent older people who have been given a place to live and in exchange they work in the gardens and serve as surrogate grandparents.  There were five or less beds per room.  The children and the rooms were clean, no odors, no sores, etc. The children were well fed and active. Our daughter enjoyed being there during our visit which is a good sign. She was very comfortable with the workers. Everything looked as if it had been painted within the last year.  


The city of Yiyang


 The courtyard at the orphanage.


On a balcony of the orphanage.


Babies in their cribs.


The "bath" inside each dorm room.


The conference room.


Karolyn, with her parents looking on, visits with the nanny that had cared for her at the orphanage.


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