Adoption in China
By Peggy Gurrad


A Visit to the Yongxiu Orphanage in May 2002

We were in Nanchang with the whole family to adopt our fourth daughter in May 2002 so it was easy to visit Yongxiu. Yinke (Jiang Yong Ting) was adopted from Yongxiu in May 1999 at the age of 15 months. Mr Cai was very pleased to see Yinke again. Yinke was the first adopted child what came back to Yongxiu! Adoptions started from there in 1998. 

We were welcomed with fireworks and snacks and were able to see the units where the children are living. Yinke lived in 1999 in a part where at the moment elderly people live but we were invited to see that part as well. They just started to built a new part of the Welfare institute on the waterside. We saw some older children but most of all were baby's. There are about 50 children in the welfare institute. We saw the big clothes dryer with the plate that said it was donated by the American adoption agency CCAI, Terrific! There were still no toys. 

We had the honor to take a big album with us with pictures, drawings etc from all the Yongxiu girls who live in the Netherlands now. I think about 20 girls (Eric?) This was a great success. All the caregivers, staff and others kept looking at the pictures, especially from the children they had taken care of and were very pleased to see how well they were all doing! 

Yinke ( 4 1/2 y.o.) knows where we were but didn't understand it completely. She did it great there, was happy and cheerfull. At home she talks about HER HOME and her caregiver which she met again. 

Greetings from the Netherlands 

Irene Principaal
Mom of Marianne, Amsterdam age 12
Lieke, Kunming China born june 1994, adopted febr 1997
Yinke, Yongxiu China born febr 1998, adopted may 1999
Annouk, Yugan China born sept 1998, adopted may 2002


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