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Ji'an Orphanage

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Judging by the number of adoptions I hear about from this orphanage it seems to be smaller than several of the orphanages but there's a few groups per year adopting from Ji'an.  See comments sent by adopting parents.  We also have some information sent from Ji'an by a "Sister Cities" delegation and some letters sent by school kids in Ji'an to their "Sister City" school kids in New York.

2005-01 - My baby girl is from JiAn Jizhou District SWI. She was referred to me at the age of 13 months and I held her in my arms for the first time at the age of 15 months at the Civil Affairs office in Nanchang. My daughter was healthy and developmentally on target. She could sit, stand, roll over, crawl and cruise the furniture. She began walking on her own a week after we arrived in the States. She had eight teeth and lots of hair! She ate solids she loved noodles, rice, soup and mashed potatoes (from Lucys in Guangzhou). She was on formula only for a couple of months after arriving in the States (the pediatrician wanted to give her the extra calories and iron), then she was switched to whole milk.

My daughter was brought to the Civil Affairs office by the Assistant Director. We did not get to visit the orphanage, although the group that traveled before us in December did and others have since then. I hear it is about a 4 hour bus ride to the orphanage from Nanchang.

My daughter was very content with the Assistant Director (this person is a female) when I walked in the Assistant Director pointed to me and my eldest daughter and said, MaMa Jie Jie she recognized us. My daughter was clutching a photo album we had sent with pictures of us. She cried when the Assistant Director handed her to me and wailed the whole time in the Civil Affairs office and on the bus ride back to the hotel. She had on three layers of clothes and a diaper (although she also had on split pants underneath). She took a bottle that night and fell asleep.

The next day when we went to the Civil Affairs office to complete the adoption, the Assistant Director was there. My daughter was okay seeing her we posed for pictures with her and she even held my daughter but my daughter came back to me willingly without crying! The Assistant Director gave the families adopting from JiAn a beautiful vase in a lovely box with a poem written on the vase from a famous artist in China.

I did send a care package to the orphanage right after my referral in November; it had a few gifts for my daughter as well as a disposable camera. I did get the camera back and the photo album I sent, but nothing else.

It was January when we traveled, so naturally my daughter had a cold I brought over-the-counter meds with me from the States and she tolerated it well. She did have a fever toward the end of the trip and I took her to see the doctor when we were at the White Swan (the babies cant travel if they are running a temperature). She also had a rash on her cheeks the day we met I used Aquaphor (over-the-counter high-end petroleum jelly in a tube) and her rash was gone in two days also worked great for diaper changes.

There were three girls in my adoption travel group from JiAn, one baby was a little sickly she had been hospitalized before we traveled and was dehydrated she needed a couple of trips to the hospital in China for re-hydration. That little girl was a slightly developmentally delayed, but has since blossomed.

My daughter is small. She weighed 15 lbs at adoption (at 15 months old) and was wearing 6-9 month clothing. Today at 2.5 years old, she is still petite she weighs 25 pounds and can fit into 18-24 month clothing (especially pants she is narrow in the hips and waist!). She is very healthy and rarely gets sick. All of her tests performed in the States at an International Adoption Clinic have come back negative.

This is my second adoption from China and Jiangxi province. For this trip, we stayed at the JinFeng Hotel not very adoption friendly. It was in the middle of the city, but it was also January, so we didnt venture out much. It actually snowed while we were there! There was a lot of construction going on in the hotel so it was quite noisy and reeked of plaster and such. There were lots of business men who stayed at the hotel. There was a play area on one of the floors, with three toys in it. The lobby of the hotel was nice, the food was okay. We only ate breakfast there, it was a mix of Chinese and Western food (French fries every morning!). The buffet had boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, an assortment of breads (including steamed bread), sausage, bacon, fruit, noodles, rice and congee. I dont think they kept heat on the main floor, so it was always cold in the lobby and restaurant. (NB)

Photos of Children Adopted from Ji'an

Ji Miao Ji Mao Qing Ji Mao Chun Ji Chen Li
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Born 6/1/97 Born 12/6/98 Born 9/20/98 Born 9/18/99
Adopted 6/29/98 Adopt 11/23/99 Adopted 8/30/99 Adopted 5/22/00

Ji Zhou Yin

Isabel Jie

Ji Wu Xian

Ji  Zhou Qin

Born 7/29/03 Born 1/23/04 Born 4/20/02 Born 12/10/03
Adopted 8/17/04 Adopted Adopted 2/5/04 Adopted 8/8/05
Ji Jiang Zhou Nora Ji Rui Zhou Your Child
Ji'an - 05 Ji'an_06 Ji'An_07 Your Child's Photo
Born 2/7/06 Born 2/21/06 Born 7/21/05 CLICK
Adopted 6/10/08 Adopted 4/23/08 Adopted 5/28/06 HERE

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There is a yahoo e-mail group for parents that have adopted from Ji'an at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jianswikids

If you would like to contribute photos or information to this website or join our Jiangxi family directory (information not posted at the website) please e-mail me at webmaster@gurrad.com